Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: Craft Supplies Organized=A Little Stress Relief

Just joining in?  Read the entire series {HERE}.

Welcome to Day 9!  I am ready to show you the white cabinet I turned into craft supply storage!  I am so excited about it not only because it is incredibly organized, but pretty too!

Being organized is such stress-reliever.  Before when I would go to get supplies for a project out, I would go to 3 different places in my home.   I also would keep items I had purchased recently in the bags they came in--so I had bags from JoAnn's everywhere.  No more!  I completely took everything out of bags, boxes, and containers and sorted, purged, and organized it all!  Remember this white cabinet before:

Now, with all of my craft supplies and fun-ness:

Isn't it fantastic?   I lined the back of the cabinet with cute wrapping paper and used paper tape (from the same set I used on the computer armoire that I posted about yesterday) to line the edge of the shelves.  I already had the photo boxes and the navy blue fabric containers.   Some of the containers are empty!  Empty!  That is how much storage this one set of cabinets has given me!   If you are wondering about the other cabinets, I will posting on those another day this month. :)  All those photos and albums?  On the floor in my basement.  A huge, heaping pile.  But I'm NOT letting it get me stressed because I know I will get to it soon and all of the photos, school papers, and gift wrap/supplies will be stored in the white cabinet next to my craft supplies!  Of course I will show all of this to you when I am done!

Soon I will put labels on all of these baskets and containers, as well as share with you what it is inside all of them.  I just couldn't get it done to be able to post for you today.  I had parent-teacher conferences today until 7:00 (and I am posting everyday!!!)--I'm sure you understand.   :)   I will be sure to show you all of the fun labels I will be creating for this project when I am done!

I am so excited about going right to this space and finding exactly what I need every time.  My kiddos will also be able to find things easier  (not that my boys craft, but you know, they might start now.....)  and know right where things go to be put back.

So, have I inspired you to organize something?  Let's go!  You can do it!

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  1. It looks nice. Good way for stress relief!

  2. Your cabinet is so beautifully organized, Nicky. I just love when things are organized and it definitely makes me less stressed when things are in order!

  3. I love how you used the washi tape on the front of the shelves. What a great idea! I have the same tape from Target - actually I have every color! : )

    You are rockin' it girl!

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  4. Really beautiful, I've some problems to mantain tidy my house and I need this kind of help.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Great job Nicky! i love all the color! The closet turnout is wonderful!


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