Saturday, November 10, 2012

Puttin' on the Glitz: Using Glitter Paint

While at the beloved JoAnn's today, I picked up some unfinished wooden snowflake ornaments and a bag of unfinished wooden stars ($3.99 for a bag 20 of small-ish assorted sizes).

The snowflake ornaments were $1.29 each but on sale for $0.77 each.  They came with a little red ribbon to hang them, which I took off because I am not going to use them as ornaments.

I bought a small can of silver spray paint for $3.99.

We gave these babies a coat or two of this paint, and let them dry.  Then we used glitter craft paint
in silver by none other than Martha.  I've used this paint before in another color and it has a translucent look to it that I love.  I let my two sweet youngest get in on the action and go over the snowflakes with this paint.

It's an amazing 67 degrees outside today in Ohio, so they could do this on the deck!  Didn't they do a great job?

We also sprayed the bag of wooden stars, let them dry and went over them with Martha's paint like we did the snowflakes.

I have plans for both the stars and the snowflakes and I can't wait to share how I incorporate them into our holiday decor!

I loved this glitter look so much, I had the kids then use the glitter paint to paint the edges of some cinnamon pine cones that I had.  It made them look like snow.  These pictures are before the paint dried, so it looks a little gloppy (is that a word?), but pretty none the less.

I love that we were able to create these easy, inexpensive projects that will be beautiful during the holidays.  Best of all, my kids were able to help create them.  Think of all of the ways you could use these!  As ornaments, hanging on mirrors or windows (which is what I am going to do with a lot of them, hint, hint...), adorning the outside of a gift you give.....the possibilities are endless.

What are you going to go glitter-ize now???

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organized Coupon Binder

Hello, hello!  I'm making my first appearance after recovering from posting for 31+ days straight.  I thought knew I needed a few days off to re-gain some steam.  My Blogger account has also not been letting me add pictures, so that extended my posting "vacation".  Now it's working and I'm back and ready to roar!

First and foremost, it feels almost silly posting about coupon binders when so many on the East Coast are suffering and more and more stories of survival and tragedy are surfacing.    I join all of America in sending out blessings, prayers, hope, and sympathies.  I feel incredibly blessed to have our home safe and dry and to be able to live life as normal.


Speaking of normal, for a while now I've wanted and needed to do a better job of using grocery coupons.  I would ashamedly answer "no" when a cashier would ask if I had any coupons.   It's not that we don't like to save money.  It's that our grocery shopping was not planned out well enough and we did not prepare at all in way of coupons, deals, and what stores had on sale.  I know, shame.  I guess our excuse is that we are so busy and that preparing takes time and isn't-so-fun.  BUT the money that can be saved by planning ahead is enormous.  I decided that taking the small amount of time it takes to plan better is worth it!  (Don't worry, I won't be on Extreme Couponing or diving into dumpsters to get coupon pages!)

I created a Coupon Binder for our home.  I bought an inexpensive binder, baseball card sleeves for small coupons (found at Target), and actual coupon sleeves to hold larger coupons (found at Staples).

I used file folders I already had, cut them in half at the fold, and used them as section dividers.  They work fine.  I printed out labels of categories that I wanted and affixed them to the "dividers".

For department store coupons, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, or Kohl's, I used plastic pouches that I also already had.  These particular ones are from Office Max and are the [InPlace] brand.  They already have the 3 holes to go on the rings of any binder and a snap closure.  I had a couple different styles of these and I labeled them by store or type of coupon.  I also used one for restaurant and pizza coupons.

To say I am glad I have finally organized my coupons is an understatement.  Now that I have a system, I feel that hubby and I will be much better when we make a grocery list to look at ads and compare what coupons we have.  We also can plan our meals more wisely based on what items we have coupons for and that are also on sale.

Being organized is half the battle in running a smart, happy, more effective household.  No more coupons lying all around the counter or left at home.  Now I know exactly where to put them!  I plan on keeping this binder  (when we are not adding more to it or making our grocery list) in the side door pocket in my van.  That way if we make a spontaneous or unplanned trip to a store, I have my coupons with me!

What system do you use to store all of your coupons?   Any tricks you want to share?

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