Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Taking Things for Granted

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I am a little off the organizing/project posts for a couple days but will hop back on the wagon in a day or two!  I am excited to show you labels on the cabinets, fun little projects I am working on, and other ideas to help our nests be less stressed.

But today..... my twin sister and I turn the big 3-9!!!  I am even two minutes older.  So hard to believe.  I still think of us as twenty-somethings.    In honor of our birthday, we are going out to dinner together with our spouses, kids, sister and family, and of course our sweet Dad.    I am so grateful for that time together!  My twin and I have not spent enough of our birthdays together as adults, and I am so happy we get to see eachother.

I wanted to write a short post today about what I take for granted.  Little things, big things, many things.  I take for granted I have a car that will start every morning.  That I have a job to go to, a warm bed to sleep in, and a hubby that loves me.  I take for granted that I can go into my kitchen and turn on a faucet of clean water, take hot showers, and have the dilemma of what to wear tomorrow.....

As I celebrate another year, I realize, like yesterday, how blessed I am, how short life is, and how I really have nothing to complain about or want for...everything I need is right here.  Oh, happy day to you all!  When you start to complain or stress about little things, read that quote again and it puts it all in perspective.
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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate you! Happy Birthday friend!


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