Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25: What's Your Small Stuff?

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You've probably heard the book  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff  by Richard Carlson.  If not, you've at least heard that piece of advice.  Problem is, the small stuff is what's so hard not to sweat.

I swear I am the calmest of persons when teaching during the day with special needs students all doing and asking and needing different things.  I handle chaos pretty well.  At home I can juggle 10 things at once.  In times of strife or trouble in my life, I step up and figure out what to do.  But the small stuff, I let it get to me.

I could make a list of small stuff that bugs/urks/irritates/stresses me.  I actually started one as I wrote this post but got almost embarrassed because  I realized as I was typing that my stuff isn't even small stuff.  It's MICROSCOPIC stuff.  I laughed out loud!  I allow those silly little things to steal my joy, my positive thinking, and slowly harden my heart and poison my mind.  You know those 'things'-the thoughts you know you shouldn't be thinking, but that rambling is constantly going on in your head never seems to stop.....unless you take control of it.

Love this quote:


So true!  So what's your small stuff?

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