Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5: It's the Little Things

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Everyone who is lucky enough to have had a luxurious massage or facial, or take a nice, relaxing vacation knows that those things help relieve stress.

However, not everyone can afford or take time to do those things on a regular basis or maybe even ever.   Today I want to remind us of some little things that are free that can relieve our stress and make our home more calm and peaceful.

See what you already do on this list, or what you can try more often:

1.  Light a favorite candle, or even just deeply breathe in it's wonderful scent while closing your eyes.

2.  Put on your favorite song, maybe fast, maybe slow.  Whatever makes your heart sing along.

3.  Snuggle with your spouse/significant other/pet.

4.  Snuggle with your kids.  Breathe in their scent and take it all in.  They may be the cause of some of your stress, but holding them makes it all go away, at least for the moment.  Some day you'll wish they were there causing you stress and snuggling with you.

5.  Read positive quotes or something inspirational to you.

6.  Look at old photo albums or pictures.  You'll see how far you've come,  and remember sweet memories and happy times.

7.  Take a bubble bath.  (If I did this I would need to remove the Cabbage Patch Doll that has resided in my tub for far too long---one of those procrastination things I talked about yesterday. She's being kicked out this weekend for good!)

8.  Write in a journal, a pretty notepad, or on your computer.  List all the things you are grateful for. 

9.  If you have time,  put on a favorite movie that makes you feel good. 

10.  Take a walk, exercise, meditate, or just be still.  All are good for the mind and body.

See?  Free, easy, and most take hardly any time but are well worth the effort.  

What do you do to relieve stress?  Do you sometimes forget about all of the easy, wonderful ways to do this for yourself?  

Make sure you tune in this weekend, I've got a couple organization and fun posts planned!  Thanks for following along!

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1 comment:

  1. really excited to be following along! I need this...with 3 under 7, my eldest with Smith Magenis Syndrome, 2 crazy sofa eating terriers and life in general i need tips....just off to light a candle now! jane xxxx


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