Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Make All Kinds of Date Nights

Just joining in?  Read the entire series {HERE}.

Today I want to talk about the importance of date nights, but not just with your significant other, as are other kinds, too.


Date nights with yourself:
Probably the most important!   We have so much going on in our minds and hearts all day our brains and bodies take a beating.  Sometimes I literally feel like I am spinning.  Then I think of all the things I have to do tomorrow, this weekend, this month.....and I get completely overwhelmed.  I need time to myself, doing "my thing".  That may mean taking a walk, drinking coffee while looking at other blogs (or Pinterest), being in my bed alone reading a book or magazine, or taking a bath.  It helps me recharge and feel less stressed.  FYI:  I don't do this nearly enough.  I am putting a date with me on the calendar! YOU need to do the same.

Date nights with your significant other:
Guilty on this one, too.  I can count on one hand (okay, maybe one hand and one or two fingers on the other) how many dates my hubby and I have went on since our daughter was born 7 years ago.  We have family who would watch the kids, it's just we don't even think about it.  Well, I think about it some, but that is because I am the woman and that is my love nights with the hubby make me feel happy, loved, and connected with him.  Putting this on my calendar, too.  Maybe even something overnight.  Oh yeah.

Date nights with my kids:
I love all my kids to pieces and try to spend lots of time with them.  I do my best with our various ages and personalities.  I have read before about having date nights with your kids and what a great impact that can have on relationships.  We have a blended family and it gets crazy but I know I can make this happen, even if on an informal level.  If you have step-children or maybe have a rocky relationship with one of your kids or they are going through a rough time or age or phase or maybe you are :) ... this time together is probably crucial to building the relationship and would be healing for both of you.  I'm gonna work on this in my life and let you know how it goes.

Who do you need to make a date with?  Yourself, significant other, your kids?  Put it on the calendar.

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