Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7: Messes Can Mean Progress

Just joining in?  Read the entire series {HERE}.

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to Day 7!  I started organizing my white cupboards that I posted about yesterday....let's just say I didn't realize how big of a project this would turn out to be.  Has that ever happened to you?

I decided that instead of getting stressed about this whole process, I was going to feel calm, proud, and relieved that several things are going to get organized, sorted, and purged in our home which is a wonderful thing!

Let me show you the progress thus far.  Look at my title of this post:  Messes Can Mean Progress.  So I am about to show you a mess.  It gets worse before it gets better, yes?

My mission to organize my craft supplies and put them into these cupboards has created more missions for me to tackle, including:

1.  Organizing hundreds of loose photos.

2.  Adding to my kiddos photo albums.  I have a small album for each of them for general pictures, and an album for each of them for their sport pictures.  The problem is, I haven't added to these in a couple of years.  Bad mom I know.  But I am tackling this now!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

3.  Sorting through greeting cards.  I save all of my kids' cards they have received for birthdays and other occasions.  I also have all of the cards that they have made or given to my hubby and I.  Do I keep ALL of these?  I am not sure yet.  What is your take on this?  Do you save all of your cards?

4.  Updating my storage boxes that I have for each kiddo that contain special school and artwork.  I actually think I may change how I have this---will update you on that when I get to that little project.  I have a good idea that will be so much easier to maintain and keep current.

5.  Making labels for all of the containers, baskets, and drawers that are housing all of this stuff!  Who doesn't love a pretty label?  They are functional and make things oh-so-easy to find.

This week I will continue to show you progress on my mess and those white cupboards.  I already love what I have done and can't wait show you the finished product!

What about you?  Do you think messes (the right kind, not milk spilled on the floor) mean progress?  What mess are you going to create to progress toward making your nest less stressed?
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  1. I am lovin' your 31 Days Series. It looks like you've been busy organizing. I need to do the same - can you send me some of your motivation? : )

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  2. oh my goodness, it's torture coming on 31days is31 dys of creativity....31days in the art studio, which eats up all my tidying house time, so as you get more organised, i am falling into chaos here! lol xxxx


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