Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: {Organized} Gift Wrap

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Whew!  I can't believe it is October 21!  Where has October gone?  I have been working on those white cabinets as much as I can.  I never realized how useful those could be!  Remember my master bedroom closet that I embarrassingly showed you that used to contain my craft supplies?

See the orange drawered organizer?  That used to hold my acrylic paints, adhesives, and other crafty stuff.  I brought it down to the basement to see if now that it was empty of craft supplies it could hold some of my gift wrapping supplies.  Guess what?  It fit perfectly in one of the other tall white cabinets down there!

At the top of the this tall cabinet are all of our photo albums.  I'm not quite done with those yet.

I made labels for each drawer.

I added fun contact paper to the back of this cabinet.  It added so much color and prettiness!  It took me about 10 minutes to line the back of the cabinet--I am going to see what else in my house I can put (removable) contact paper on!  I love that stuff!  I found mine at Marshall's recently-two rolls for $6.99!  I wish I would have picked up other prints.   The tall metal container holding the rolls of gift wrap was from my daugher's room.  She actually has two of these and we have never used both.   I don't think she has realized one is gone.  :)

I love how each drawer is labeled and I can find things so easily.  All of this stuff used to be in a shallow plastic container under my bed!  I am thrilled that it is so easily accessible and looks so much better now

How does organizing my gift wrap go along with my Less Stressed Nest series?  I'll tell you how.  Organization lessens stress and saves time allowing me to enjoy my family and other things more.  Pretty, organized spaces calm and relax me and make me happy.

What have you organized lately?  What's on the list?

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