Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Thinking Ahead=Cutting Down on Errands

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Have you ever ran out to the store to grab snacks for soccer or  a folder your kid needs at school, or to the bank to get some cash out for the football game and realize the next day there was 3 other things that you needed for the coming week that you could have picked up when you were RIGHT THERE at the store?  Yeah, me too.  

It's not like I don't want to visit heavenly Target 3 times a week, but it takes tons of extra time and effort to go multiple times to get things that are needed for you or your family.   Plus, while there I usually end up getting more than what I came in for. That only happens at Target, right?

I need to reduce the amount of time I am scurrying around getting those errands done.  I brainstormed some things I can do to help with this, and maybe these ideas will help you, too.

We can:
Look ahead.  Not to just tomorrow, but to the next two to three weeks.  Check our calendars, schedules, school and sports memos, and newsletters.  Make a list of everything that we may need to get or buy.  Keep a running list in one place, not on a gazillion post-its notes or lists.

*Look ahead on school newsletters and flyers.  Do we need special or extra school supplies?  Donations of items?

*Look at all sports schedules.  Do we need any special equipment/snacks/coaches' gifts?

*Think about work, whether you work at home or outside of the home.  Do we need items for upcoming projects or jobs?  Gifts for co-workers?

*Special occasions--what birthdays/anniversaries/other events are coming up?  Do we need to get a gift for an upcoming birthday party?  What cards need purchased?  Do we have stamps?

*Clubs/Church/Other organizations--what's coming up that will require us to bring a snack/item/donation?

*Cash--(I don't have cash often, I use my debit card for almost everything) What is coming up that we  will need cash?  Do the kids need any for school acitvities?  Do we need to go to the bank or ATM while we're out?

These are just a few areas of our lives that may require us to make a trip to the store to get items.  Wouldn't it be great if we were so prepared that we could get several tasks taken care of in one errand?  Imagine how on top of things we would feel!

 I know that rushing around and getting things last minute is stressful to say the least.  No, these are not rocket-science ideas, but if you are like me, when your head is spinning you tend to do what you need to do in the RIGHT NOW to survive.  :)

Remember, we're on this mission together, to create a Less Stresssed Nest. Are ya with me?

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  1. Nicky, I am the ultimate list maker! Now, that doesn't mean that I am super organized or that I get everything done, but I have lists EVERYWHERE. They're on the master bathroom counter, by the computer in our home office, and by the phone downstairs in the kitchen. Oh, and they're on the calendar too. Somehow, I manage to look at almost everything when I'm supposed to, but I can do better! Thanks for bringing up this topic and I look forward to getting more organized by reading tips from you and other readers.


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