Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Finish What You Start: Procrastination

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Ahhh, the dreaded unfinished project.  I assume we all have them.  Why is it so hard to finish what we start sometimes?  I know that in order to have a less stressed nest, that little projects can no longer remain around my house unfinished because I don't feel like doing them.  They cause me stress, uneasiness, and guilt.   UGH.
  Let's are my reasons why I procrastinate finishing projects.

1.  I get too ambitious on what I think I can accomplish in a certain amount of time.

2.  I start too many little projects because so many ideas are floating around in my little head at once I do a little here and a little there.  I fail to finish one before I start another.

3.  I finish something 90% of the way and then let the other 10% remain undone for weeks.  Or months.  (like a pillow I made on our bed...still needs the last side to be hand stitched a couple inches--huh?!?!)

I would not say that not finishing projects is a bad habit of mine. We've done lots of great projects, big and small, in our home in the past several months.   However, my hubby and I have enough unfinished right now that it is causing me unnecessary stress.  And guilt.   No project is worth such stress. Our homes and the things in it should make us feel peaceful and good about ourselves.

I decided that this weekend I am going to tackle some of these little projects that need finished.  Organize my craft supplies that have been on my bedroom floor for weeks waiting to be organized.  Sewing that pillow up (will take me all of 5 minutes!) .  Finishing the metal pails I started to decorate.

Sometimes these little unfinished projects or tasks really steal our joy.  Don't let them.  Go finish them.  Right now, I want you to think of one task that is almost done that you have put off so long you don't even think about it anymore and just do it.   I promise you will feel so much better.  Make sure you let me know what you are going to tackle and what cheer you do when you get it done!

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  1. ooo this has given me an theme is 31 days of creativity...may even be able to finish some projects to post about...making a jewellery organiser is needed for sure! x

  2. this is me for sure! 'miss procrastinator'. i had to laugh at your pillow finishing task too.

    the e-card quote says it all!

    thank you for taking the time to post all this, it really does help :)


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