Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days: Preparing for October's Series

Have you heard of the 31 Days series over at the amazing Nester?  Last year, before my blogging began, I read posts from many, many other great bloggers that joined and had their own 31 days series.  This year, I have decided to join in the fun (and maybe in the pressure...31 days straight of blogging?  Yikes.)  and challenge myself to blog on the same topic for 31 days.  It feels a little crazy and intimidating, because other than brushing my teeth, I am thinking that I have not done something for 31 days straight unless it was like blinking or sleeping.....

In the month of October, for 31 days straight, I plan on making my posts geared toward finding ways  to make my life (and hopefully yours too!)  less stressful and more joyful.  I am a full-time teacher by day, mama and domestic goddess by night and (ha!)  I totally need some ideas and plans for a less stressful nest!

I plan on posting some great ideas on organization, little projects that pack a punch, creating routines and habits that help things run more smoothly, and tips for preparing for the holidays.

 I would love for you to join me the whole month of October so that together we can beautify and organize our homes and make them a little less stressful.

See ya tomorrow for Day 1 of the series!

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