Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Must-Haves

We just got back from Disney and it was wonderful!  Sure, the weather was bleeping-hot, but what do you expect in Florida in June?  The kids were great in the car  (remember I bragged about them here... they didn't let us down!)  We ended up driving straight through both there and back...a 16+ hour trip one way!!!  We are troopers, our family.  :)

Now, I feel like summer has officially began.  Since we left for vacation 2 days after we got out of school, it hadn't hit me yet that school was out.  Today is the first day I am feelin' the summer love.  Ahhhhh.

I am dying to  know what your favorite summer snacks/salads/must-haves you make a special salad only in the summer when fruits and veggies are at their peak?  Do you have a great (easy) dessert to share with us?  Do tell!  Tonight my Hubby and I only had our littlest one home with us for supper.  I went grocery shopping yesterday so we had a ton of food, but neither of us really wanted to make anything big for just the 3 of us, so we got creative with what we already had.  Last night we had grilled chicken and had a couple pieces left over.  We chopped it up, threw it in a skillet to warm it, and put it over lettuce.  Hubby only put cheese and dressing on his (bor-ing!) but I felt like being a little more inventive and healthy.  Here is my creation with a little strawberry-poppyseed dressing, berries (okay, a lot of berries), and chicken.  Mmmmmm.

A big staple in my house in the summer is watermelon.  We. Love. It.  There are usually only a few days in the summer when there is not watermelon in my fridge.  Hubby, and my step-daughter, Kaitlyn, put salt on it.  Does anyone else do that?   I have tried it, and it isn't bad, but I prefer my watermelon straight-up, no sodium added, thank you.

No, I don't usually eat watermelon with daisies alongside, but these are the only pretty flowers really in our yard right now due to so many days without rain here in Ohio!

So share with me your favorite summer must-haves to eat......I can't wait to hear what you can't get enough of this time of year!

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  1. Hmmm....I have never thought about mixing blueberries in my salad before, I bet it tastes delicious!!! Thanks for sharing.


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