Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Mantel: Maybe Not?

Yesterday I went to a couple area dollar stores, Jo Ann's, and Michael's to try to get some goodies for a summery-beachy mantel.  Keep in mind we don't live near water.  We live in Central Ohio.  There is a pond in our development, but that doesn't count.  This did not stop me from scouring these stores for summer-y, beach-y items that could all get along well enough to resemble a summer scape of sorts to beautify my mantel.   At the Dollar Store I saw a very simple, pathetic-looking wicker wreath for a buck that said, "you can do something with me".  I have seen many burlap-covered wreaths lately on blogs and Pinterest, so I knew I wanted to cover this wreath with burlap.  I wasn't sure exactly how to do that and still make it look decent...but I was willing to try.  The most expensive items of my finds today were actually the roll of burlap (I found for about $8.00 at Jo Ann's), and the little burlap rosettes (about $4 at Michael's).
Remember what our mantel looked like before that I showed you on my previous post:

Those items came down to make room for summer and after a little bit of re-arranging, this is what I came up with:

I tilted my head a few times, and wondered what I first I liked everything but the wreath-it blends in with the brick color too much.  Waaaaah.  I really wanted it to work!  When my hubby came home and I excitedly asked him his opinion, he gave his "yuck" look and said, "I can't stand shells!  You can't even see the wreath!"  I pouted again.  However, I do value this man's opinion.  A lot.  We have done many a decorating project together and usually he knows what he is talking about.  He reminded me that if we lived by the coast or water or the rest of our house was decorated in a nautical or beachy theme, then it would be perfect.  But we don't and it isn't.  As I tried to get over my pouting, I realized he was right and I reluctantly took it all down and wondered what I was now going to do with shells and a starfish and other beachy stuff.  Then, my very smart hubby had an idea of what to do with it..... and we started working on that little project tonight.  I even used my first power tool.  He forced me to and said, "You need to learn how to do this."  Did I mention I love this man?  Smart and bossy when he needs to be?  You'll have to stay tuned to see what we end up doing with my wreath and the beachy items, fingers crossed it looks as good as I am hoping.  I also am planning on doing a post soon on how I made my burlap wreath...not that it is prize worthy or too technical, but I think it turned out sort of cute.  Go ahead, give me your opinion...I promise I won't pout too much.
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  1. Great job on the burlap wreath, I love the beachy theme. I am always attracted to nautical themes and colors. I always connect it with 4th of July time for some reason. I loved your mantel good job!

  2. I love the beachy theme! - I see what you are talking about with the wreath blending into the brick. What if you "built" a square using 2x4's or a piece of bead board and paint it white, lean it up against the wall and attach wreath to it. (I hope that makes sense!)


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