Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Burlap Wreath

In my last post, I created a summer mantel, that I liked, but well, didn't get to hang around for too long.  However, we do have plans for all of the summer-y items and the burlap wreath that I created in another spot that we are working on.  I think the wreath turned out pretty fun considering I had no idea how to even attempt getting wide, awkward burlap to look good.   I started with a simple wicker wreath from the Dollar Store.  I tucked one loose end into the wicker and started wrapping the burlap around tightly, overlapping as I went.

This took about half of the 30 ft burlap roll that I had.  Then I started the next piece by using a glue gun to glue one loose end to the wreath from the underside.

Each time I loosely wrapped it, I put a generous amount of glue to hold the loop where I wanted it and pressed down.  Ouch!  Burlap has holes in it, so then did my fingers...

When I got around the wreath and the "loops"  were fairly even going around,  I glued the end piece on the back.  When this was done, it looked like this:

Fairly happy with the results, I added the finishing touch of the burlap rosettes I found at Michael's:

There you have it.  My DIY burlap wreath.  I might try more in the future and try mixing burlap with another material, but am happy with this first try.   Have you used burlap in any projects before?

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  1. I am loving burlap at the moment! I have seen all these great wreaths online and I haven't taken the plung at making one. Maybe I will put it on my weekend to do list!! I haven't used burlap for any project; however, I have a mile long list of projects I would love to get done with burlap if I ever find the time!

  2. It looks great and could be changed to match your front door or different seasons. Such a pretty wreath.

  3. Cute wreath! I too love burlap...its so versatile!


  4. This is too cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I have been wanting to make a burlap wreath like this for a while. Yours turned out simple and cute, I love it!

  5. Very pretty Wreath! So glad you joined in the newbie party! Please add my link or button at the end of your post so that others know you joined in as well. Thanks!

  6. This is really cute. There are so many great things I can think of to do as a spin-off of this tutorial! Thanks for sharing!



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