Monday, May 21, 2012

Mickey and Friends, Here We Come! (Need Your Advice!)

We are getting ready to take our family on our first trip to Disney!   Well, some us have been there before but it has been a long, long time.  I went when I was in junior high when my hair was sprayed out higher than Mickey's ears (early 90's--who remembers it?).  My hubby went 15 or so years ago, which meant my step daughter, Kaitlyn, was around 8 and my step-son, Karch, was a toddler.  They are now 21 and almost 16.  My son, Colin, who is 11, and Riley, 6, have never been.  We are super-excited to go together.

I know many of you have probably taken your families in the past few years, and I need your advice and input!!!  We just booked our trip a couple weeks ago, so I have much to do! I have done some research online and, of course, relied on some friends who have recently been, but I LOVE advice from moms, because, you know, we are the planners, the worriers, and the entertainment directors of vacations.  My sweet husband is not a planner.  He thinks booking a vacation more than a month in advance is waaaay early.  AND he actually said that I was getting a little too crazy about planning this. Yes, I want to know where the best place is to stand during the parade to be able to see well!  Yes, I want the App on my phone that tells me how long lines are!  We will probably only go as a family this one time since the kids are getting older and I want to do it RIGHT!  PLUS, did I mention we  are DRIVING from Central Ohio.  Yes, 16+ hours.  In the car.  With 4 kids (well, Kaitlyn is 21...). In our Odyssey.  Definitely the farthest we have driven for vacation before.  We opted for flying, but because he, I mean we, :)  booked our vacation so late, tickets for 6 are outrageous.  Plus, who can't resist that family bond you get driving that long in a crowded car?  Hey, I drove to Arkansas in a station wagon with no air conditioning to see Aunt Ruthie's farmhouse multiple times as a child.  I did not have an i-pod, i-pad, cell phone, or DVD player in my car.  So we shall survive.  I think.

Okay, back to actually what I need your help on... advice!  What is your can't-miss attraction at Disney?  Your best tip?  The thing you wish someone would have told you before you left?  I need it all!  Send me your ideas!   Much thanks!

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  1. Nicky- Yay! I'm so excited for you! We did Disneyland last summer for the first time and we had an amazing time! Here are my top tips:

    - If Riley cares about Princesses, just shell out for the princess meal see them all and be done with it. It's not worth the 2.5 hour wait for princess faire or whatever it is, when you aren't guaranteed the "right" princess!

    - Take advantage of the fact that it is the "happiest place on earth" and just relax as much as possible. Go early, get in your top rides, enjoy a longer lunch, head back to the hotel (if possible) to rest/swim, then go back in the evening for an early or late dinner (either 5pm or 8pm so you aren't waiting, or make reservations!) and enjoy the night.

    - I had the MOuseWait app which was awesome, told us which rides had waits, etc.

    My husband also made total fun of me for all my prep, but in the end he LOVED it! Probably the best family vacation we've had since before we had our 2nd:)



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