Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day marks what most feel is the start of summer.  There's nothing like that feeling.


Everyone loves a good picnic or gathering to celebrate our shared love for this great country,

to chat with family and friends on a porch or deck in that slow, relaxed way,

and hopefully to remember that we have Memorial Day to remember all those that served or are serving for us so that we can run through sprinklers,  have picnics, and relax on porches.

My twin sister, Claudia (she goes by 'Dia'), is incredibly involved in honoring veterans and those who serve our country.  She was the guest speaker in her town's Memorial Day celebration today.  She has a website called, where veterans and family members can tell their stories, add pictures, and communicate with others. Most recently, she has written an e-book on the topic of preserving military stories and has created a kit to help veterans preserve their military memories that is being sold on Amazon!   It's so cool.  You can join her website if you are a veteran, a family member of a veteran that has served or a soldier that is currently serving, or if you are just interested in reading soldiers' stories.  I am so proud of her efforts and how she has inspired her students, her community, and thousands that have visited her website to remember veterans and what they have done for us.  She is my hero!
Have a safe, happy Memorial Day!  

Here is my sister's website link again:

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  1. Of course I have to respond to comment on the Westie on the porch! Love it!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, twinnie!

  3. As a Marine Wife, I think it's amazing what your sister is doing. I will have to stop by her website! Thanks for sharing!!


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