Friday, April 20, 2012

Meaningful Weekend

On Friday nights, I have this dreamy vision of what the weekend will hold in store.  Okay, the cleaning part isn't so dreamy, but I think about spending time with my family, sleeping in a bit, having extra coffee in my jammies, tackling those projects around the house.

Bulldogs and Babies
Then reality sets in and I realize we have volleyball and soccer games.  I mean, I am grateful my kids are in sports and active and having fun, but I have to say I get a teensy bit irritated when I look at the weekend schedule sometimes.  Then,  I realize a couple of things.    I realize that I love my kids more than anything. And that my kids are healthy enough to play sports, some kids aren't.  And that some people wish more than anything that they could have children so they that could go see them at their games.  And some people, like my dear friend, Lara, wish their child was still young enough to be at home and not all grown up and out of the nest.  So, you see, I'm not so grumpy about the sports after all.  I'm over it.  Unless it's an 8:00 game.  :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. My sentiments exactly, dear sister! Saturday mornings, just like June for teachers, are GOLDEN!

  2. I agree Nicky! We're constantly wishing for something we don't get to do or don't have. It's at this point that we must realize we must be thankful for what each day gives us! This weekend I ended up sick and in bed for 32 of 36 last hours. Still feeling weak but trying to embrace whatever I can do like read your wonderful blog, friend!


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