Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Landing Zone

Does anyone else's kitchen island or counter become the Central Landing Zone?   It has come to the point where I am moving things around on it just so I can add more things.  The mail, homework/papers from school, receipts, my husband's work papers,  random barrettes and other 6-year-old pretties, important papers---they are taking over!  I swear I clean it off constantly.  In order to get things under control, I started searching for some great ideas.

 I love how this message center holds small papers, keys, and places to write messages and could get some clutter off of the counter.

As appointed Captain of All Papers and Things Important in my house, I feel a huge responsibility to know where everyone's papers and important things are.  With 3 kids bringing home treasures and papers from school, a husband who brings papers home from work, and a dog who thinks that papers are somehow tasty and can and has eaten papers off of the counter that are important, I am at the brink of being able to handle it all without some type of system in place!  I do have organization for our bills and those kinds of papers, it's the dreaded "Landing Zone" that I'm struggling with.  This message center would hold all of the important papers and each slot could be labeled and personalized for each of us.  Love that!

Here's another great idea if you have the space, an old dresser that has a great surface, lots of drawers for  all sorts of items, AND looks great!  I love how it's personalized and looks special.  I might have to find a space for something like this...

Harbour Breeze Home
How do you control the incoming variety of goodies that enter your house?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Love the title Landing Zone! The sad thing is that zone constantly needs repair even with the kids gone. I'd love to see some fun containers or baskets that can conceal the junk that lands on my kitchen island. If you find anything pretty and practical I'd love to see it. Love the pictures you found and your writing is outstanding!! Keep flying towards your true calling! Miss you!!

    1. Gee, I was hoping once the kids were gone, the problem would be solved! Darn. Paper is endless in every home. I guess it's keeping on top of it and finding those solutions that are functional yet still attractive to deal with it. I will be on the search for ideas and solutions!

  2. Thanks for looking for me!! I can manage it sometimes but as the week progresses it gets more cluttered so they go in drawers and the drawers get overfilled.

  3. I love that first picture from Pottery Barn! I have it pinned and look at it all the time! Can't wait to see what you do - I know it will be fabulous!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  4. Nice, nice post, Nick!
    My nightmare is receipts. I swear they multiply as I sleep.
    If someone can tell me how to contain them I will be forever grateful.

    Your Twin Sister

  5. We have a few solutions. I have a "launching pad" which is a dresser with sunscreen, hair accessories, sunglasses, medicine, tissues etc for hte mornings, then a "command center" on the back of the pantry door with a calendar, menu board, mirror for sunscreen application (my kids are very fair)...

    So happy you found my blog, I'm one of your followers now! You are a no-reply-commenter, so I couldn't email you back after your sweet comment (I love that your daughter commented too!). Just google how to change that, it's in your Blogger options, so people can email you back when you leave comment.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!



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