Monday, August 27, 2012

Making a List...Checkin' It Twice.....

This is going to be a quickie post because 1) I am a teacher and today was our first day for students (and therefore I am ready to drop!) and 2) this is a really simple idea that doesn't take tons of explanation.  Why am I posting about it then?  Because it worked.

Okay, granted, for one day.  But hey, my little Riley is super-grumpikins in the morning.  My hubby would say she gets it from me.  Not true.  Okay, maybe a little.  I knew this school year since I was the one that would be getting her up and ready in the mornings before school, that I needed a plan.  I have read some good ideas about having checklists for kids to follow in the mornings.  So last night I whipped up a little morning checklist.

Wouldn't you know my little Riley loves checklists?  When I told her about it before bed last night, you would have thought it was Christmas Eve.  She couldn't wait to get up to see and do her checklist.

This morning was a dream.  She came into my bathroom and said "Good Morning, Mommy."  Check.  "I'm going to go get dressed." Check.  Woo Hoo!  No yelling, stress, or repeating myself.  She did the whole checklist in order and was so proud of herself.

Tonight I of course made a Bedtime Checklist.  I let her sit on my lap while we typed up what should go on this list.

Yep, worked like a charm.  Have another copy of the Morning Checklist ready for the morning.  I don't know if this will last forever, but I do know that my daughter is just like me, she likes lists, and I like the ease of her not forgetting things and me not having to remind and nag her.  She is learning responsibility and I am saving time and energy!  It's a win-win.   I may laminate the checklists so I don't use tons of paper and she can just use a dry-erase marker to check things off.

Has anyone created checklists for older kids?  My sons, 12 and 16, would totally not go for something like this, but I  would love to think of something that is age-appropriate that they would actually use.  They have school stuff and football gear to take to school and it's a lot to remember.  I would also keep the brushing the teeth on a list for them.  :)

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  1. My 8 year old just *loves* check lists!!! And I love creating them for her!! :) I am just in the middle of creating a new clipboard chore check list for both kids (my son is 3.5 yrs).

  2. Just happened upon your blog and love it, great organisational tips...the muffin jewellery tray is GENIUS!
    I love the idea of a morning routine list, might just try that out with my kiddos.
    Added myself to your followers, looking forward to reading more :)

  3. This is a great idea. I already do a similar version of this but I like the idea of using a dry-eraser and handing out the checklist on a pad for each child to work upon. Hope to try with my 7 year old and also share the idea on my Facebook parenting page, - inviting you to come say Hello to us: see you there! :-)


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