Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Mini-Vacation

After Riley's birthday party a little over a week ago, I needed a couple days to recover...stenciling my dining room wall and then getting ready for her party in the same couple days put me a mode of needing to just rest and not do a project or a post.  Also, this past week my twin sister, Dia, and her little sweet girl, Camdyn, who is almost 4, went with Riley and I on a girls-only long weekend to our sister Pam's house in Eastern Tennessee.

I could write many funny stories about our trip there, which with stops and two little girls was about 8 hours...but I'm going to keep to sharing some pics of the outside of my sister's house as well as some fun things that we did our on short stay.

First off, let me say that my sis Pam has amazing taste and her decorating is BHG-worthy.  That is why when I saw her home when we pulled up (I had not been to this house before) I about drooled.

This house has a wrap-around porch and it is HUGE!  I told her she could have a party of 200 out there.  There are 3 sitting areas, and in the back is this mammoth hydrangea bush.

My brother-in-law, Greg (who has only been married to my sis for a little over a year, and is a total keeper)  did a beautiful job on the landscaping around the house.  The trees cover the driveway and everything is lush and full.  (Dia and I were amazed at how GREEN everything was--here in Ohio we have nothing but brown lawns.)

Pam took us to a fun little town in Jonesboro, Tennessee, which is the oldest town in the state.   On Friday nights they have a live band playing on the front steps of their courthouse.  The town is full of history and charm--two of my favorites things in a small town.

The next day we went to a nearby lake and rented a pontoon boat.  SO FUN.  This lake is one of the most pristine in the country.  It was spectacular...so relaxing and scenic.  Our little ones enjoyed being the captains.

Is this gorgeous or what???

Thanks for letting me share our fun mini-vacation with you!  It was fun having some sister time and getting to be with family.  I missed my other kiddos and hubby a lot, but hopefully they can come with us next time.

So what about you, do you have relatives to visit in a fun or scenic place?  What are your favorite small towns that you have visited or secret little gems to visit?

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