Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012 {And I'm Back...}

Hello, hello!!!  I did not skip town...I have had the craziest, most un-fun 3 weeks.  I had my first migraine ever along with complete facial numbness on the right side of my face.  Scary, right?  This crazy thing is just now finally going away.   3 weeks with a numb face, horrible headaches and dizziness is about enough to make someone nuts!  I've had lots and lots of doctor appointments, medications, tests administered,  and time on the couch.  I missed several days of school (never an easy thing for an elementary teacher!) and many fun times with my family!  Thanksgiving was mostly spent on the couch.  Thank goodness the doctors don't think anything is seriously wrong.   I have developed total empathy for people that struggle with illness much of the time or cannot function normally for extended periods.

Let's get to the tree!  Throughout this time, I had been able to do very little around the house to doll it up for the holidays.  Hubby and the kids put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving and we got some of the other festive stuff out.  Luckily before my illness I had started making some little DIY projects.  I was able to work on some of those this weekend now that I am feeling somewhat normal and I can't wait to share them with you later this week.

When my family went to put up the tree this year many of the white lights were out.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?  I had a lot of thinkin' about life to do on that couch, I tell ya.  ;)  We had plenty of colored lights on hand so we decided we'd go against our regular tradition of white lights.  Color us happy, we think it looks great.

Most of the ornaments on our tree have special meaning.  Each year since my husband and I have been together I have bought a matching ornament for each of our 4 kids.  (Riley wasn't born yet, but when she was, we went from 3 to 4 matching ones to get) I write their name of the back of the ornament and the year.  So now we have 25+ ornaments on our tree from this tradition, which I love.  We also have silver stars that we got a few years ago that say "HOPE", "PEACE", AND "LOVE" and silver reindeer in different poses.  My hubby and I picked these out together.

A new addition this year is a collection of hand-painted ornaments that my hubby's mother painted years ago.  She did an amazing job and they are a cute addition to our tree.  Since she is gone now, they are especially meaningful.   We all agreed that this is our favorite tree yet.   Downstairs in our finished basement we have a smaller kids tree that has Disney and kid ornaments and handmade treasures that the kids have made through the years.

Make sure to stop back this week to check what I've done in other areas of our house.  I am giddy about how some of my easy-DIY projects turned out and I hope to inspire you!
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  1. Nicky- I am so glad that your headache is abating. How awful- especially this time of year. I love all your lights and every once in a while I think I should do colored lights instead of all white ones. Perfect with kids, huh?

    Blessings to you and I can't wait to see your DIY ideas- xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh Nicky! I am so sorry to hear about your illness, and I am glad to hear the doctors aren't worried. I have been thinking about you a lot and have been meaning to write you but it has been so busy for me as well, just now getting over the strep and so is my toddler. Plus we moved! Man so much. I really am glad your health is better. Keep us updated on what happens, if you desire lol

    I love your tree, so cheerful! Blessings to you and your family.

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better and back to blogging! Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I usually do white lights but the colored lights look really nice. It's nice to change things up once in a while. Looking forward to your DIY projects. : )



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